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About EvolutCo: Growth Activator

Whether your company is in the initial stages of fundraising or advancing through its later phases, we provide support throughout the entire process. Our team specializes in enhancing your capital raising initiatives, focusing not only on investor engagement and their specific requirements but also on removing all obstacles that might impact investor attraction. This includes enhancing your company’s brand, visibility, optimizing your website, and streamlining any other key elements that contribute to a compelling investor narrative.

Our Team

The brains behind EvolutCo meet our team

Mathieu Vafadar EvolutCo. CEO & Founder

Mathieu Vafadar


Gisèle Zappelli EvolutCo. CEO & Founder

Gisèle Zappelli


Deepanshi Chauhan

Deepanshi Chauhan

Digital Marketing

Vadym Zamyrailo

Vadym Zamyrailo


Ivan Holovko

Ivan Holovko

Full stack

Oleksandr Kuznietsov

Oleksandr Kuznietsov


Théo Chevalier

Théo Chevalier


Juliette Moreau

Juliette Moreau

project manager

Camille Dupont EvolutCo.

Camille Dupont

Digital marketing

Charlotte Lefèvre EvolutCo.

Charlotte Lefèvre

project manager

About evolutco

Partners in Progress

Together we achieve more

At EvolutCo, collaboration isn’t just a concept—it’s our ethos. We’re honored to align ourselves with an impressive network of partners from esteemed companies and institutions around the globe.

Unique expertise, shared vision

Each partner brings to EvolutCo a distinct blend of skills, expertise, and perspectives, fortifying our capability to offer cutting-edge solutions and insights. Their involvement, whether in specialized projects or enduring collaborations, is instrumental to our overarching success.

Bound by excellence

Though our partners hail from a myriad of industries and backgrounds, they are united under a shared banner of excellence. This collective commitment, harmonized with EvolutCo’s intrinsic drive, crafts a trajectory of unparalleled achievements.

A collaborative force

Our ecosystem of partners is both dynamic and adaptive. As EvolutCo strives to meet and exceed the shifting paradigms of our industry, we remain dedicated to forging bonds with visionary leaders and minds, guaranteeing our forefront position in innovation’s evolving landscape.

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